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Medanta Hospital: Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor performs 5 complex, challenging & diversified TAVR / TAVI (trans catheter aortic valve replacement) cases back to back in one week

Renowned Indian cardiologist Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor, Vice Chairman- Interventional Cardiology, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, India has been world-praised for successfully performing 5 complex, challenging & diversified TAVR / TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) cases back to back in one week. 

The description of the cases have been made available on social media and are as follows 

Case 1: Patient with severe aortic with large annulus stenosis undergone TAVR with Evolut Pro 34mm

Case 2: The patient was a known case of CKD on Maintenance Haemodialysis with severe aortic stenosis undergone TAVR with Myval 32mm

Case 3: Patient with Severe Bicuspid aortic Stenosis underwent TAVR with Myval 23mm

Case 4: A patient with Post Mitral valve Replacement in 2006 came with structural valve deterioration undergone TMVR with Myval 26mm

Case 5: Patient with rheumatic heart disease with severe MS & AS, CKD underwent BMV followed by TAVI with Evolut R 26mm

Talking more about the benchmark achievement Dr. Kapoor says that "We have meticulously passed over the benefits of advancements in Interventional cardiology to patients. It requires a high level of expertise for which we are well known worldwide. The takeaway for the public, heart valve disease patients is that there are treatment modalities available that can replace the aortic valve without undergoing open heart surgery and that it is very safe & effective, and super patient friendly.   

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